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Kids Meals

If you are searching for a portable, satisfying meal that may meet federal reimbursement lunch or supper guidelines we are your answer. We can accommodate your children’s dietary needs including gluten free, allergen free, vegetarian and Kosher. We can help you shape a nutritionally-balanced, cost-effective menu that children of all ages will enjoy.

Backpack Program

Our backpack program is designed to assist schools in providing students with nutritious, shelf-stable foods for the weekend when they might otherwise go hungry. We have many choices to offer from our wide selection of shelf stable products.

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Breakfast Mates

A delicious and satisfying breakfast to start off the day. Our Breakfast Mates require no refrigeration. They are ready-made and economical breakfast for kids on the go.

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Snack Mates

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) offers cash reimbursement to help schools serve snacks to children after their regular school day ends. Afterschool snacks give children a nutritional boost and help to draw them into supervised activities with renewed energy! Each Snack Mates contains a 6.75 oz. 100% fruit juice and 1 bread/meat alternative requirement.

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Locker Mates

Locker Mates pre-packaged, shelf stable meals are an ideal solution for summer feeding and after school programs. Our meals meet the USDA federal reimbursable guidelines. They come ready to serve in convenient reseal able bags. Our goal is to help programs find a way to keep cost low, while still providing a nutritious option to the kids.

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